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"With Love, Charlotte": 31 Letters

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I compose letters in my mind all the time. I think about people I want to meet. I think about situations I would like to address. I reflect with thankfulness on those who made an impact in my life. I meet people who need a word of encouragement. Every. Day.

Beginning today, January 1, 2020, I am embarking on a challenge to blog for 31 days. This may seem overwhelming to some, but writing about my experiences, hopes and dreams should be a fun, if brisk, walk in the park.

I have decided to tackle this challenge in the form of encouraging letters on different topics. Sometimes I see or hear about a situation and think, I should write that person a letter to encourage them on their way. Not that I am an expert on every situation - but I have tried to be an expert on my situation - and so, because I feel that we are more alike, than different, I think that what I have been through might just help you, too!

With Love,

P.S. Welcome to my world!

Day 1: Dear :Baby Steps," - Getting Started on the Right Foot

Day 2: Dear Curious Reader: Why Blog 31 Days?

Day 3: Dear Beautiful Family Tree Branches

Day 4: Dear Aspiring Artists - Discover the Artist in You

Day 5: Dear Travelers: More Than History

Day 6: Dear "Much Afraid," - Courage to Spare

Day 7: Dear Orchid Collectors - How Orchid Collecting led to Painting

Day 8: Dear Readers and Writers - Discover the Story in You

Day 9: Dear Coffee Aficionados - Welcome to 4'oclock!

Day 10: Dear Winter Blues - Look for Other Colors!

Day 11: Dear Open Hearts - Have you Considered Opening Your Home?

Day 12: Dear Victor Hugo - Nobody Told me

Day 13: Dear Jordan, - River of Memorial

Day 15: Dear Moms of School Age Children - The Joy of Playing Hooky

Day 18: Dear Sick Days - Thank you for the Reminder

Day 20: Dear Moonlight - A Sonata of My Life

Day 22: Dear Old Friends, Thanks Kodak

Day 23: Dear First Born - The Making of Pure Gold

Day 24: Dear Old Beach Cottage - The Fire Still Burns

Day 25: Dear 1974 - The Way We Were

Day 30: Dear Time - Some things Never Change

Day 31: Dear New Daddy - On Beginning with the End in Mind

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