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David Paul Murray - A Moment in Time

I have kept all kinds of journals in my life. A few years back I purchased an oversized empty book titled “Artists I have met and Liked,” because I enjoy art and artists so much. I thought this was a great idea. It is not all filled up as I hoped it would be, but maybe this blog will be a way to remedy that. As I begin to share some of the stories about the art that I have collected, I really want to introduce you to the tremendous artists behind the work. And there is no better place for me to begin than with this adorable face you see here.

David Paul Murray began his artistic life when he was about 5 or 6 years old, putting together corner scraps of lumber. His Dad was building something and cutting these small pieces, and David Paul saw that when put together they would create a small diamond-shaped block. He glued them, and painted a few, thereby creating his own set of blocks.

It was at age 8, though, when the real artist began to emerge. His father, Dave, gave him his old, Canon AE-1 camera. Around this time, he had also begun collecting orchids with his Mom. He had an uncanny ability to get them to re-bloom and the next obvious step was to photograph the exotic blooms. This photography was then used to enable his Mom to paint these stunning specimens. He later developed a passion for photographing waterdrops. These are captured in real time with no editing manipulation. Who knew an 8 year old would take to a camera so readily!

Homeschooled and apprenticed during his teenage years to his Dad’s business, David Murray Home Repairs, he carried his camera everywhere. He had his first “One Man Show,” as the reception for his graduation from high school. This was followed by a show in St. Augustine, Florida, an exhibition in Greenville, SC and a “Pop Up” art show in Beaufort, SC.

He later apprenticed himself to a professional Wedding photographer and matured in his professionalism and was able to add wedding photography to his resume.

David has continued to work full time as a carpenter, and has less time to devote to wedding photography after getting married himself in 2017. In January he and his wife, Jordan, added a new and beautiful series to his portfolio with the addition of a new baby boy: Jeremiah Paul!

As David Paul shared with me:

“My passion for photography has always been to capture the moments in my life and in other people’s lives that will never happen again. Photography is really an amazing thing. It has allowed us to physically capture a moment in time and keep it forever and share it so that it can be someone else’s memory, too.”

Photography will always be his passion and I look forward to adding to my own collection. Especially from this latest “Series,” since I am “Honey,” the Grandmother!

Artfully Yours,


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