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Art Life and Beginning Again

When I began my artistic journey I had very few tools and less knowledge about what it would look like to create a first painting. But I plunged ahead, armed with a desire and curiosity to make something - and though the results were primitive at best, I had stepped through an invisible portal into a world that would change my life on so many levels. I would guess the birth of many artists happens like this.

Later, when I had put together a course to share what I had learned, it felt very similar. I still didn't know what I didn't know - but I plunged ahead.

In January 2024, I will begin again to share this art journey with those who would like to come along. When I first organized the "Discover the Artist in You" course and began to teach it, I had no idea that I would still be teaching it 20+ years later. This time around I will also be sharing some of the lessons I have learned from other great teachers, as well as some of the life lessons that have come to me through the journey of practicing art.

We will cover nuts and bolts of oil painting from color theory to different brush strokes to graphing out a picture for enlargement. We will also cover why creativity is good for you and how various artists help transform and make an impact on the world around them. Lastly, we will make friends with some artists of old and dabble in some art history as we reflect on their work.

If three hours a week in a quiet, relaxed and lovely atmosphere for a time of practice and inspiration sounds good to you, I hope you will join us.

I hope to see you at the easel!

These classes will be held at the Lowcountry Living Room Event Venue located in Yemassee, SC. To add your name to the list for classes that begin in January 2024 please email me at, or text me at 843-384-9650. I will send you dates, fees, a syllabus and supply list - Maybe a Christmas gift for someone you know - maybe that chick in the mirror!😉

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