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Charlotte Murray. has a passion for developing her art and the skills of new artists and a deep desire to help them discover their God given gifts and talents. 

It is therefore essential that society defend itself against cultural breakdown.  The best way it can do this is by grasping the importance of art to the well-being of mankind:  as many people as possible making it their business to examine art constantly, inform themselves about it and develop their faculties of understanding and loving it.  For the love of art is a subjective phenomenon, which comes to us through our sympathetic eye, and no expert should be allowed to mediate.  In the bend, our own eyes are the key to making art our guide and solace  our delight and comfort, our clarifier and mentor – In short, the God-given staff of life in this vale of tears.  We should use our own eyes, train them and trust them.

Paul Johnson, ART:  A New History, 2003

Charlotte Holmes Murray is a native of South Carolina and grew up on Hilton Head.  With parents who emphasized the beauty of nature that surrounded them it was easy for Charlotte to pursue the beauty that she could create on a canvas. 

Although she came to artistic practice later in life, it didn't take long to realize that she was already an artist - she just needed to take up those brushes and begin.

Today Charlotte practices her art in between homeschooling her two small children and loving on her brand new grandson.  

She is married to David Murray and they make their home in the country near Yemassee, SC.

Charlotte Murray
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