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Dear "Curious Reader:" Why Blog for 31 Days?

The term "Blog" is actually a combination of the two words Web + Log. Originally intended as a discussion or informational dialog by a single author that was published on a website to the World Wide Web, blogs may now be for expanded audiences by multiple authors for a variety of purposes.

So, why would you want to begin a blog?

I can only answer this for me and I want to discuss this from the perspective of an artist and teacher of art.

When I teach my art course, one of the things I emphasize is the age-old adage that "practice makes perfect." Now, I don't completely agree with that sentiment - perfection is not the primary goal in art - but improvement is definitely a goal. So, in my art course, students are required to complete a painting at each class session. Mind you, each class is three hours long for adults (two for children) and the paintings are limited in size and scope, but the student is strongly encouraged to pace themselves in a way that finishing is within reach. In this way, each student completes six paintings over the course of six weeks.

Why do I do this? Why not work on one painting for six weeks? Or two? or three? Because the essence of learning is improving as you go. An emphasis on trying to master one painting when a student is just learning creates a perfectionist tendency that never allows the student the satisfaction of completion and gradually excelling. In order to paint some really good paintings I find it is necessary to complete a few "not-so-good" paintings - and being okay with that. Signing your name to a painting after three hours is a good sense of accomplishment. It teaches you that you can. It teaches you how to evaluate your time. It teaches you discipline. It teaches you to enjoy the process. It teaches you that there is always another painting waiting to be painted.

And so - blogging every day - the same thing applies. There is always something to say, something to learn, something to explore. The discipline of daily writing, or painting is a way to accelerate your creativity and get the mind and body used to producing on a regular basis. Whether we are practicing creativity or a new eating habit or an exercise regime, daily practice will always produce positive results.

So, as an artist, maybe I should add 31 days of painting? Oh my!

With Love,

P.S. - Care to join me?

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1 commentaire

I love this. I remember you had me sign my painting of my VERY favorite flower. I had no idea what I was doing and I signed a VERY large Lisa. I still laugh about that time and feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

Lisa S.

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