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Dear February - Write on!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Well, the Blog 31 Days Challenge is over. I didn't get all 31 days in, but I tried and it was fun, and rewarding. I have long been a proponent of writing as a positive emotional and spiritual practice - but it is also a practical practice.

Writing allows you to focus. Writing allows you to push harder for what you really think about a subject. Writing challenges you to be precise. Writing can unleash ideas, expand your beliefs, liberate your pent up emotions, and balance some of our passions. As Julia Cameron, one of my favorite authors, expresses so succinctly "Writing rights."

In other words - writing can help you to get it right. Not perfectly, and not every time. But the process of writing is a refining fire for your mind and heart. The more you write about a particular topic the more likely you are to get clear on your thoughts about that subject.

And so, as 2020 continues I am hoping to continue gaining clarity thought writing. I gain clarity through a whole list of things - reading my Bible, praying, counsel with my husband and friends, but one of my favorite avenues for increasing my understanding of God and the world in and around me is to write.

Writing has become a lot like prayer for me. Very often my personal journaling time comes after quiet time spent in the Bible and prayer and my journaling becomes the overflow of my heart and mind. It is a place where I can muse on what I have read. It is a place where I talk to God and ask Him questions. And often, it is a place where answers come to me.

For the month of February I plan to talk more about the creative process. I plan to share some of the tools I employ for increasing creativity and mental clarity. I have learned a lot from writer Julia Cameron, but there are some things you just learn because you do them. I hope you will follow along.

With Love,

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