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Beginning Again

It began in the most beautiful way. January 29 our family expanded by two of the most precious feet ever! Jeremiah Paul was born to David Paul and Jordan and we couldn't have been happier. The year was starting out so beautifully! I had plans. We had plans. Everyone had plans... until we didn't!

2020. That's really all you have to say. It used to mean seeing things really clearly - that is, until 2020. Then nothing seemed to mean what it used to mean. Except those infinitely unchangeable things like God, your love for your family, your concern for your health, and bad drivers and checkout lines. But I digress...

Much of our life did not change in the midst of this. We already homeschooled - so we just kept on keeping on. We already lived in the country - isolated on so many levels - so we just did the usual. A few things were out of our control - like the marathon that I had planned in Paris - cancelled - and I was super-disappointed - but life went on.

Then came March - and I decided to open a 4000 sq. ft. Event Venue (I know, when you aren't allowed to gather!) But it needed a lot of work so that was something to do while I couldn't entertain any guests. Happily people heard about it and I began to get bookings. The Lowcountry Living Room was born!

But I felt discouraged about the Marathon. I had planned to do it last year and got registered too late... then Notre Dame burned the day after the marathon and I realized that it was probably a really good thing that I wasn't in town - as my plan had included staying very near the Cathedral. So, I was looking really forward to going this year and Dave had even decided to go with me.

So, Spring happened and I quit training. Lots of energy was going into the new business venture and homeschooling. Summer included camping, family vacations. And suddenly baby chicks being added to my chicken brood... it seemed "out of season," to me - but here were three hens setting on eggs! Even the chickens wanted to "begin again" this Fall.

Before I knew it August was upon us and the children were geared up for school to begin again. I always seem to feel revitalized in the Fall. Remnants of my own time starting the school year, I suppose. But I was excited, too.

My creativity had taken a back seat this year. Not much painting, and although I journal almost every day, I did no blogging. But today dawned anew. I am ready to BEGIN AGAIN. The children have two weeks of school under their belt. I got out of the house early enough to get in a run before the heat set in and I feel exhilarated. And, I am announcing the beginning of a book study with anyone wanting to "Begin Again."

Julia Cameron's books have been a constant source of inspiration for me for many years. Her newest book is sure to do the same. I will be polling everyone for possible dates and participation. Let's begin again!

Beginning Again,

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